slip1 [slip]
slipped, slipping [ME slippen < MLowG, akin to OHG slifan < IE * (s)leib-, to glide, slip < base * (s)lei-, slimy: see SLIDE]
1. to go quietly or secretly; move without attracting notice [to slip out of a room]
a) to go, move, pass, etc. smoothly, quickly, or easily
b) to get (into or out of clothes) quickly
c) to go imperceptibly; pass unmarked [time slipped by]
3. to pass gradually into or out of some condition, activity, habit, opinion, etc. [to slip off to sleep]
4. to escape or pass from a person's memory, mind, power, grasp, etc. [to let a chance slip by]
5. to move out of place by sliding; shift or slide from position [a napkin slipping from one's lap]
6. to slide accidentally on a slippery surface, lose footing, etc.
7. to make a mistake; fall into error; err
8. to become worse; lose strength, ability, mental keenness, etc.
9. to decline slightly; fall off [a slipping market]
10. Aeron. SIDESLIP
1. to cause to slip or move with a smooth, sliding motion
2. to put (on) or take ( off) quickly or easily, as an article of clothing
3. to put, pass, insert, etc. quickly, deftly, or stealthily [to slip a pill into one's mouth, to slip in a cutting remark]
a) to escape or pass from (the mind or memory)
b) Now Rare to let pass unheeded; overlook; miss
5. to get loose or away from (a restraint, pursuer, etc.); become free of [the dog slipped its leash]
6. to let loose (hounds) to pursue game
7. to transfer (a stitch) from one needle to another without knitting it, as in forming patterns in, or decreasing the width of, a knitted piece
8. to slink (a fetus)
9. to put out of joint; dislocate
10. Naut. to free an anchored ship from (the anchor) by parting or unshackling the cable
a) a pier or platform sloping into the water to serve as a landing place
b) an inclined plane leading down to water, on which ships are built or repaired
c) a water channel between piers or wharves, used for the docking of ships
2. the difference between the distance moved by a vessel and the distance it would move if the propeller were advancing through a soft solid instead of mobile water; lost motion of a propeller
3. a leash for a dog made so that it can be released quickly
a) a woman's sleeveless undergarment the same length as a dress, usually suspended from shoulder straps
b) a petticoat or HALF SLIP
5. a cloth cover for a pillow
6. an act of slipping, sliding, or falling down
7. a deviation or turning aside, esp. from a practice, course of conduct, etc. considered right
8. an error or mistake, esp. one made inadvertently in speaking, writing, etc.
9. an accident or mishap
10. the amount or degree of operative inefficiency of a mechanical device, expressed in terms of the difference between theoretical and actual output
11. movement of one part upon another, usually where no movement is meant to exist; play
12. Aeron. SIDESLIP
13. Cricket a fielder placed behind the wickets on the off side of the batter
14. Geol.
a) any movement displacing parts of rock or soil masses in relation to one another; small fault or landslide
b) a smooth surface or joint where such movement has taken place
15. Metallurgy the process by which plastic deformation is produced in metal crystals by one part of a crystal moving in relation to another, usually in a particular crystallographic plane
give someone the slip
to evade or escape from someone
let slip
to say or tell without intending to
☆ slip one over on
Informal to trick; hoodwink; cheat
☆ slip up
to make a mistake; be in error
slip2 [slip]
[ME slippe < MDu < slippen, to cut]
1. a stem, root, twig, etc. cut or broken off a plant and used for planting or grafting; cutting; scion
2. a young, slim person [a mere slip of a girl]
3. a long, thin piece or strip, as of cloth
4. a small piece of paper, esp. one prepared for a specific use [an order slip ]
5. a narrow church pew
slipped, slipping
to take a slip from (a plant) for planting or grafting
slip3 [slip]
[ME < OE slyppe, slypa, paste, slime, dropping < IE base * (s)leub-, to glide, slip > SLEEVE, L lubricus, slippery]
Ceramics clay thinned to the consistency of cream for use in decorating or casting, or as a cement or coating

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